Training Week: May 13 to May 19

A return to track; an increase in training intensity; an Ode to Greens; and a fitness milestone reached! IKR?! Here’s the breakdown of the week.

Back at Tuesday Night Track! First time this year since the football field was undergoing a facelift. It was super fun connecting with my track group again. I was at the front of Group 2 — not quite ready for Group 1 — but hopefully in 6 weeks or so???? My buddy E. was in Group 1 which should be good prep for his 13.1 mile spartan race. Workout was 1-mile warm-up; 5x200m; 4x200m; 3x200m; 1-mile cool down.


Less than 12 hours after my track workout on Tuesday night I was back at it for a lower body session with Trainer. Footwork drills and the sled push on tired legs felt like I was going through sand, but I like knowing I can do them on fatigued legs — even if it’s a struggle. I also ran four miles to shake it all out. Anyway, we had dropped back in intensity for a bit, but it feels like we’re loading up again…Feeling stronger!

An Ode to Greens

This is why Mrs. Winston’s is the best salad bar. Most places will give you 1 or 2, maybe 3, choices for greens. It’s the worst traveling outside of LA and dealing with the fact that for most places iceberg lettuce is synonymous with salad. Boo. This is the base of my M-F lunch – no less than 6 types of greens: kale, royal kale, red chard, mixed greens, spinach, and arugula (can we all admit that arugula is severely underrated?). So many nutrients including protein – and that’s before I even put on the rest of the goodies. My body is so happy afterwards.


As a distance runner I didn’t pay too much attention to my upper body before, but it has definitely helped me get faster at track. In our group track sessions we usually keep the reps at a medium pace, but for the last rep the coach will tell us to pump our arms but keep our legs at the same pace. I blow past people based on my upper body strength alone. Plus I like feeling and looking strong. Strangely, Trainer doesn’t even have me lift heavy – muscles are built primarily on body weight, and note the patterns are the same ones I do in my footwork drills. Nice symmetry!




Reached a fitness milestone this week! So my body is pretty muscle-y except for my stomach, which I refer to as my humility pouch ‘cuz that’s where I carry most of my fat, and it’s really the only thing stopping me from being completely insufferable. Well, this week I was at my doctor’s, and she had me stretched out on the table and was pressing on my abdomen to check my kidneys, and she said that my abs were too strong and that I had to soften them so she could get to the kidneys! Even after I softened them, she said the right side was still too hard!! Wow bummer she couldn’t examine my kidneys, but super cool that my abs are that strong 😂. Yay.


Total Miles: 30
Long Run: 8


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