Training Week: May 6 to May 12

Three years ago when I was trying to BQ, I had gotten strong enough that I was able to do a hard core session with Trainer AND run 6-7 miles. That has not been the case this past year as I’ve tried to manage my foot injury, build my fitness again after a year off of intense training, and oh yeah, deal with aging. Boo. This week finally had me feeling back on that road. But the best part was running my funnest race of the year: The Omega 5K.

6 easy miles Tuesday morning plus one hour training session. I have been feeling pretty healthy lately thanks to the strength and prehab work I have been doing consistently with Trainer. I honestly don’t know that I’m that much faster than everyone in my age group – I think that there’s just only a few of us left lol. Regardless, it’s not lost on me that not too many 50+ year olds still run, much less try to compete, do well against people half their age, and even try to PR (what?!), so I am grateful. I also put in the work. Here are a few examples of the type of stuff we do — different angles and shoeless — to keep my lower leg strong and stable enough to take the pounding. The weights are an added bonus. Sheesh

Fun Saturday morning with the Ques at the Omega 5K. I represented my little brother and came in 2nd place woman overall! Got beat by Father Time aka 26-year old track athlete. Afterwards, I FINALLY got invited to the cookout…only to be thrown out when I asked for a vegan burger. Well, live and learn. Ha.



Total Miles: 26
Long Run: 6.2

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