Immigrant Stories: Sour Heart

So excited to start this book of short stories by Jenny Zhang — and it’s especially fitting during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

Ms. Zhang is known for her fresh and subversive voice of the immigrant experience in America, and although I knew of her work, what got me to buy her book was what she said on a podcast about the great love immigrant parents have for their children: “My parents don’t understand me, but they love me unconditionally…A lot of children of immigrants feel this way especially if they have a lot of ambition and you’ve done what your parents wanted you to do, which is be really successful and really great. It’s like suddenly you’re in a world they can’t possibly understand and that’s what they wanted for you — they wanted you to be in that world. But it’s also sad because it means there’s a part of you they’ll never understand. And I think knowing that part of them loving me is accepting that they’ve released me to be someone that they can’t understand.”

That squeezed my heart.

The Brown Family on Bassett Street

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