Race Recap: Santa Clarita Arts 5K

Third 5K in five months. It’s been quite the time of experiment, and here are my findings.

On April 27 I ran the Santa Clarita Arts 5K. It turned out to be more of a fun run, but I did meet my goal which was to run negative and even splits: 8:07-8:06-8:05. Also, since I was the 3rd woman overall, I won some prizes: a gift certificate for a massage and tickets to a concert at the performing arts center!! This was my first time winning an actual prize (besides an extra medal), and, well, I think this officially ends my amateur status! Ha.


So after running three 5Ks with three different strategies, and finishing all three within 10 seconds, I have concluded that coming out slightly faster than race pace is what will be most effective. This last race I ran a negative split, but I found myself just too far behind and not having enough road left or the kick necessary to make up the time. As a former (reformed) marathoner, I prefer chilling for a bit and then ramping up, but in the track work I do with Trainer he tells me to go out fast and just hold on, and the 5K is short enough to use this approach. Running this way is super uncomfortable and scary. Ugh. But, like in most cases when it comes to my training, Trainer is right. Double Ugh. Got some good information from these three races!

Lastly, a finish line photo. Feels like this shot is a little too up close and personal — back it up, buddy. Sheesh.



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