Training Weeks: April 22-April 28 and April 29 to May 5

These two weeks saw the return of hill training and another 5K race (separate post).

April 22-April 28

Easy miles after a heavy couple days of running — track on Tuesday and hills yesterday. My legs are fried, and I felt a little tightness in my left Achilles, so the next 48 hours are all about recovery. Ice bath, compression socks, eating a lot of protein, massage and cupping, epsom salt bath, SLEEP for today. Then prehab, stretching, more carb heavy tomorrow. Another 5K on Saturday, so here’s hoping I feel springy in a couple days!



Total Miles: 18
Long Run: 6 miles
5K Race

April 29-May 5

Trainer brought me to a new and very picturesque spot for some hill training. It was a sneaky route and deceptively chill in the beginning. Then it got real. Ha. Nothing steep, but a steady and relentless three mini-hill trail. We had a 6-word exchange that perfectly captured the nature of our coach-athlete relationship. It happened on the last time up a hill with just a little way to go to the top.

Coach: Drive (your legs)!
Me: No
Coach: Drive!!!
Me: No!!!
Coach: DRIVE!!!
Mw: NOOOOO!!!! (Drives legs)

Happy Birthday coach!





This week I had a surprisingly strong six runs while hitting the higher end of my weekly mileage (30). Meanwhile last week I ran only 19 miles total and felt sluggish during my race. It makes no sense! In fact I’ve been having difficulty making sense of my last three races. But I am listening to a coaching/running podcast about how you can’t evaluate training on small sample sizes — that sometimes it can take up to a couple years before you can truly see the result of all the work and to just trust the process. Hmmm. So I have a few character assets that can actually be character defects depending on the situation — one of them is my hyper vigilance. Like that trait makes me super good at my job…but this constant temperature taking probably isn’t helping me in my running. Listening to the podcast gave me the permission to just show up and do the work and not even think about evaluating anything until the season is over. What.A.Relief. Nice way to end the week. Hope everyone had a great training day!


Total Miles: 30
Long Run: 8.5

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