Training Week: April 8-April 14

It was a painful week. Forreals.

4-mile recovery run plus an upper body-core-prehab session with Trainer. So today I got into this contraption called The Frog. There are several ways to do this – including moving with it – but this was my initiation. Good grief. The holding it for a few seconds and the turning it to work the obliques were particularly “special” adjustments that Trainer made. Other video is some prehab stuff. The run felt good afterwards but tonight I’m back in ice. My schedule is a little wonky, and I’ll be running five days in a row — my body can’t recover fast enough. Probably could use more sleep too…oh well.

I got after it today.

Also videos from before and after track workout — I feel like I need to rethink my life choices 😂


Second week implementing a tempo run. Did a warm-up and cool down mile with 3.5 miles at 10K pace sandwiched in between. Currently my goal 10K pace is 8:02. I hit 8:04-8:01 and 8:00. I almost died.

Sunday I finally caught a break. Easy pace run and then legs-back-core at the gym.


Total Miles: 29
Long Run: 5.5

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