Training Week: April 1-April 7

My next handful of races are all 5K and 10K distance. One of the things that may have been tripping me up is my inability to commit to training specifically for these shorter distances. I was all over the place with what distance I wanted to do, telling my coach I wouldn’t mind being able to try to run a fast 100m race. Well, that is entirely different training and counterproductive to running a strong 5K and 10K. On the other end, I had my sights on a strong half marathon race at the end of May, so I was hoping to fold in the shorter distances into my training schedule, but again, not really committed to any of these in particular. Not only did I not take into account that I would have to have a particular race strategy, but also my training would have to be different. So this week I finally made the commitment to train for these shorter distances specifically for the next few months. Here’s how it went.

The main takeaway from Sunday’s race is that I’m having difficulty when that lactic acid hits, so we were back to 600s today. My legs were super fatigued from the race, followed by leg day, and a run yesterday, so my times were not too impressive, but I was pleased with my effort. That lactic acid hit real early today, but I fought through it, figured it out, and didn’t puke! Ha. Did some recovery miles and then an ice bath now cuz the training doesn’t stop and I was running bright and early the next day.


Trainer and I did some solid leg work this week. Haven’t done these in a minute, but I think we are trying to get my legs good and strong. Squat rack with a squat…into a jump!



Solid mid-week longish run. Your girl is tired. I don’t even want to tell you where I took a nap that day — let’s just say I can sleep anywhere lol.


Continuing with the thread of changing up my training, my long run became a tempo run. 2 mile warm-up; 3.5 at 10K pace; 2 mile cool-down. I was dreading this run as I have not done a tempo run in I don’t know surely before I turned 50? Perhaps an exaggeration. Anyway, I didn’t quite hit the pace I hoped for but was only off by about 5 seconds. Best of all, my 3.5 tempo miles were all within 5 seconds of each other, which I love because as I mentioned in my 5K race recap, my mile times were all over the place. This was a nice, consistent, comfortably-uncomfortable pace. Still a lot of work to do, but this gave me some hope. Yay.


Training race in three weeks and another 5K in four! Let’s go!!

Hope everyone had a great training week!

Total Miles: 27.5
Long Run: 7.5


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