Training Week: March 18-March 24

Frustrating week of training as I didn’t get the runs in that I needed to. My schedule got wonky, so there was no long run, and it just seems that I haven’t been able to get into any consistent type of routine. Anyway, here’s how things went.

Track Tuesday! 120s and hill sprints. The focus was on keeping my arm from swinging too far up and back (audio sheesh); then the drive phase; and finally exaggerated knees up for the rest of the way. Hard work pays off! It was satisfying to finally get some positive feedback from Trainer. Hmph. We’ve been doing some hard lower body work, and I feel my drive phase was stronger because of it. Not bad for a distance runner!

During the week, I had a 30 min. pool running session in the morning, and then a base pace run at the office at night. I’ve been trying to do more runs near my office to challenge myself. One, it’s mentally harder as my preference is to wake up and get my run out of the way. Second, the course had rolling hills, and while it’s not a trail run, there are still some technical parts. I haven’t raced that much the last year-plus so I’m trying to toughen myself up and get comfortable being uncomfortable so I’m not overwhelmed by race conditions.

rmr-april 2

In non-running news, Husband surprised me with a “Congrats on Jamaica” gift. I was already happy to see a gorgeous tote in a luxe cognac shade (I prefer British tan but close enough), but then he said it wasn’t just any tote…you guys, it’s the Meghan Markle tote!! Listen, if you are a woman of color dealing with a super-WASP, I highly recommend this bag. You will feel like a duchess every time you sling it over your shoulder. See? Don’t I look like I’m about to cut the ribbon on a pre-school or attend a polo match? Well done.

rmr-april 3

Total Weekly Mileage: 22 + Track
Long Run: 6 miles

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