Training Week: March 11-March 17

Back to it with Trainer. Started the week with a four-mile base run at 8:51 pace before the sun came up (thank you, daylight savings sheesh). Then core, upper body, and prehab session with Trainer. For the footwork drills, we do 2-3 sets of each, and even though the pattern is similar, it gets changed up slightly each set, so it hits different parts of the leg (e.g., one set I hop laterally, the other forward and back).

Phew it’s getting warm here in LA! Fairly uneventful lunch run…until I got back to my building. I immediately noticed the extra hoops I had to go through to get past security, and then when I got to my desk, I’d gotten all these texts, and my co-worker was like “oh good! I’m glad you’re OK!” Turns out there was an armed gunman and suspicious package at the mall across the street. Yikes. The mall was evacuated, and all the buildings in Century City were on lockdown. The police were on top of it so no fatalities but it was a weird day for sure.


Great way to end the week.
Sub-8:30 pace double-digit run ✅
30-mile week ✅

Hadn’t seen either of these in a minute, so this was encouraging. This pace was a little faster than is comfortable for me, but I told myself that if I was at 8:30 at 7 miles, I’d go for it. Anyway, a couple more weeks until the first race of the season. Here.We.Go!


Total Weekly Mileage: 30
Long Run: 10

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