Training Week: March 5-March 10

I spent a week in Jamaica! I could have pushed it and stuck to a rigid schedule, but I took the opportunity to rest, relax, and reconnect. Here’s how it went.


Runners are the best. I literally just met this dude an hour before this photo. I was walking back to my room in my running clothes all bummed out ‘cuz there wasn’t a running path in the resort when this guy asks me if I wanna go running outside on the road. Um, yes!! So we did that thing they say never to do and went off the resort and out on the street and had an adventure. My favorite part was when some random Jamaican guy critiqued my running form (“too much shoulder”) — I’m like is everyone an Olympic runner here?!? For all I know he is the next Usain Bolt, and I got some good advice lol. Anyway all I really know is that this guy’s name is Sean and he became my running buddy for the week. Yay.

Don’t run into these on my route back home!
Front of the resort.

A small group of us went to a local school to help out. Most of us painted – shutters, chairs, bathrooms, and murals, but a couple of us went inside and spent time with the kids. You will never believe which activity I volunteered for 🤷🏽‍♀️. For some reason, I was just drawn to these kids. Anyway after much laughing, singing, dancing, ice cream, and very little school work, I was exhausted. And in a little schoolhouse in Jamaica, my cold cold heart had melted just a little bit.



Scene from outside the resort.


Running Buddy had had enough. Lol. I’m so grateful I had him to run with!


I kept my vacation runs at 3-4 miles and got PLENTY of rest. All that rest seemed to be just what I needed. I will credit the fresh post-vacation legs for the pace on my first run back. Even though it was only six miles, I hadn’t t seen sub-8:30 — much less sub-8:15 — in months, so this was a fun surprise. Hoping this isn’t an anomaly.


Total Weekly Mileage: 19
Long Run: 6

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