Training Week: Feb 26-March 4

Short week and a travel week, but I still got some good work in.

From a recent track session. We’ve been working on an exaggerated high knee (ahem, the audio). I am not fast compared to people who actually compete in masters track, but what I at least try to do is have good form. That is one of the things I think about when it gets real like on the third rep of a 120 (after hill work).

Speaking of mental attitude, I finished Kobe Bryant’s book “Mamba Mentality” this weekend. It’s a little “inside baseball” but there are still some takeaways as far as Kobe’s approach to the game via his (i) attention to detail; (ii) mindset towards injuries; and (iii) willingness to self-assess, diagnose weakness and turn flaws into strengths. It has definitely inspired me to approach my training with a certain mindset.


Last workout before I leave for Jamaica. I can do hard things. Tomorrow is a travel day, so I tried to pack a week of workouts into five days. Today was a one hour core and upper body training session, 8-mile run, and 30 minutes pool running for recovery. I’m going to sleep well on that plane!


Total Weekly Mileage: 21
Long Run: 8

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