Training Week: Feb 12-Feb 18

This was a breakthrough week for me. Here are the highlights.

Short run and then a conditioning test and prehab with Trainer. Lord, I wasn’t ready for it. In the middle of the test I demanded that Trainer trade me! Sheesh. I ended up doing two sets of 13 exercises in an hour — not including a dynamic warm-up and stretching 😩. Train hard race easy right?


For Flex Friday…Upper body strength has played a role in my getting faster. In group track practices, I often pass people simply because I use my arms more at the end. I am not at all against lifting heavy, but believe it or not, I don’t lift anything heavier than 15-20 pound dumbbells. Arms/shoulders are courtesy of light weights, bands, and body weight exercises. That vein tho.



Some easy recovery miles. I have been struggling with the fact that my paces are slower than they were a couple years ago. I kind of see last year as a hiatus since my training was super inconsistent, and I battled the nagging foot injury. But now that I’ve been back on a regular training schedule the past few months…well my expectation was that I’d just pick up where I left off. It’s been challenging mentally at times. The deal is that I’m still at a goal pace — it’s just not the pace I want to be at or the pace I was at two years ago. Gah. So I’m just trying to shift my attitude and accept where I am now, and working toward (hopefully) getting stronger. Patience and gratitude.



Beautiful crisp day for a long run. First double-digit run in five months! I have held off on signing up for a half marathon ‘cuz I wasn’t sure how my body would hold up, but it felt pretty good out there so…


…so yeah, looks like I have another half marathon in me. Mountains2Beach, May 2019, Here.We.Go!

Total Weekly Mileage: 25
Long Run: 10

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