Training Week: Feb 5-Feb 11

Here are the highlights from this week’s training.

The thee words the best describe me lately: sore, exhausted, and hungry. It’s all fun and games when you’re just kicking it during the holidays/vacation with some light running and regular conditioning, but then you come back and…I dunno it feels like it got real, real fast lol. More speedwork, increased mileage, and the addition of a new leg strengthening routine that Trainer has me doing that seems cruel 😩 It’s not right! Anyway, I am walking weird, napping, and eating anything that isn’t nailed down. Feels like training has finally begun!


One of the reasons I still train this hard and specifically with a coach is that it helps set the tone for the rest of my life. I have been running track with my coach for over two and a half years, and these sessions NEVER get easier. Each time I pull up to the track I am praying and giving myself a pep talk to get out of the car and just not turn around and head home lol. As a distance runner, j would way rather run 12 miles than run track. In the 300m reps we did today I got extremely hungry (weird, right?), felt like I was going to pass out, and at the end I could no longer feel my legs — all that happened in a minute! Who volunteers to put themselves through this?!?! But that willingness to push myself through discomfort and be open to coaching not only contributes to a growth mindset, well, NGL, the rest of the week and all its challenges seem kinda easy-breezy. For me, running has always been about more than just running 😉


Return of the ice bath 😩! Fourth day in a row of running, and I have track tomorrow morning, so I had to do it. I’ve let the weather dictate my running schedule so I will be paying for it. Anyway spent the day continuing to go hard on recovery — compression socks, stretching, rolling, eating well, recovery boots, Theragun, Epsom salt bath – seems like it would have been easier to transplant a 25-year old’s legs on me. I also wore my TB12 recovery pajamas to work. Supposedly the inside “reflects Far Infrared, which helps your body recover faster and promotes better sleep.” Laugh if you want but six rings, the last one at 41 years old, OK! Listen, I’m desperate to just not die tomorrow.


Still not feeling speedy At.All. But I’m trusting the process. Definitely getting stronger, and my body is holding up as I continue to build that base. Patience.

Total Weekly Mileage: 23
Long Run: 8

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