five things: Boston

I probably wouldn’t have chosen Boston as a place to visit with my limited vacation time, but I qualified for this marathon so…To put my commentary into context, note that both my injured foot and the terrible weather limited our walking time, which under slightly better circumstances may have led to a more robust review of Boston. Anyway, here are my five takeaways from our four-day visit to Bean Town.

1. Biggest Lie. Vegan Lobster Roll. So let’s be honest, Boston is not exactly known as a culinary destination. It is, however, known for its lobster rolls. Husband is not vegan and was looking forward to this, but as a vegan, it didn’t enter into my eating plans. Imagine my happiness when Husband surprised me with a vegan lobster roll he got at Thinking Cup. OK, here’s the photo…you guys, what about this says lobster roll? First of all, this isn’t the right type of bread. Second, what lobster roll do you know has sprouts?!? Listen, the cauliflower “lobster” was fine, and really the sandwich was adequate too, but just call it a veggie sandwich. Don’t lie to me and tell me it’s a lobster roll, OK? I would have been happy with a vegan sandwich, but instead I was pissed about being lied to.


2.  MIT > Harvard. There. I said it. So this is only in regards to campuses, but as we walked across the Charles River and into Cambridge, I was more impressed with the MIT campus and buildings than those at Harvard. Perhaps because Boston is full of buildings just like the ones on the Harvard campus, so it didn’t exactly have the Wow factor I expected. Or maybe it’s my west coast bias (Stanford, OK?). Anyway, check out this interesting sculpture on the MIT campus, and here is the Harvard campus. Meh, right? Maybe a little strong, but a little meh, non?


3.  Best Food Bites. Husband is an omnivore, so he got to experience the best of Boston. His favorite lobster roll was from Luke’s Lobster near our hotel. He actually had the Luke’s Trio, which is 1/2 lobster roll, 1/2 crab roll, and 1/2 shrimp roll. Looked pretty juicy. The best dessert was the sticky sticky buns from Flour’s Bakery + Cafe. Harvard honors graduate Joanne Chang (hmm might have to reevaluate my Harvard ranking) is famous for these gooey treats made on a brioche roll, which became famous after she beat Bobby Flay on Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Husband not only had them while in Boston, he brought them home to Cali!



4.  Most Woke Church. Check out the two signs in front of this baptist church.



5.  Favorite Walking Moments. These were my three most delightful scenes in my short ramblings through Boston. The Swan Boats that in better weather carry people around the pond in Boston Common; a random street in Cambridge; and the alley outside of Brattle’s Book Shop est. 1825 (the store was closed). #booknerd





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