Race Recap: Ladin Subaru Love Run 10K

First of all, I am so happy to get this race recap in before the one-year anniversary of its running. I don’t even hardly remember this race. This is mostly a dot the “Is” and cross the “Ts” post…’cuz Type-A. So if you enjoy race recaps comprised of disjointed thoughts and fuzzy recollections, then read on!

Here’s what I can remember from that day NINE months ago — June 4, 2017, to be exact.

  • The Love Run was my first 10K in over five years, and I achieved all the goals I had for this race: A) PRd; B) obtained USATF All-American standard; and C) ran a sub-50:00 minute race! I also placed 3rd in my age group, which won me a nifty little mug.

Love Run-1

  • This completed my versions of the Philip Michael Thomas EGOT and Serena Slam: I reached the USATF All-American standard and PRd all four road distances (5K-10K-half marathon-marathon) in one calendar year!
Love Run-2
I am the hobbit in the front left.
  • It was overcast and humid, and a hilly-ish course. Not rolling or steep — just looong. I had to really fight for that sub-50:00 time.
Love Run-3
Peep me far right — so happy it’s over with!
  • This is a well-organized race with a wonderful expo (over 50 vender booths!), and I highly recommend it.
  • Post-race, I hit up the cryo-booth and got some direct ice blasted on my bothersome knee. Yasss!

Love Run-4

  • Just as awesome as reaching my running goals, is that the race is run in support of Senior Concerns’ Meals on Wheels Program, which delivers two nutritious, freshly-prepared meals to homebound, hidden elderly in the community 364 days a year. Funds raised from the Love Run enabled Senior Concerns to provide Meals On Wheels scholarships to those who cannot afford the program so that nobody is turned away. 100% – 100%! – of the proceeds went to Senior Concerns. I love this. A wonderful race for an awesome cause.

Love Run-5

Official Time: 49:49:4
Pace: 8:02
Age Group: 3
Overall: 63/579

3 thoughts on “Race Recap: Ladin Subaru Love Run 10K

    1. Thank you! Yeah the ice blasting on my legs felt soooo good. Hope you find one — they’re becoming more common so good chance!

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