five things: 8 jan to 14 jan, 2018

The shoes I missed out on; the best gift giver always; humble brags are lame; social media segregation; and moving raw-ish.

  1. I am low-key into fashion. I say low-key because it might not appear that way since I don’t subscribe to traditional fashion media outlets and most of my clothing would not be considered “fashionable” (i.e., I get a lot of “WTF” looks and more than a few people have commented on how ugly my shoes are). Collaborations are especially on my radar, and one shoe collab that I was super excited about was the Ronnie Fieg for Kith collaboration with Lebron James for a special Lebron 15 shoe that would launch on his birthday, December 30th. The shoe went on sale 12:00 a.m. EST, and I was poised on my laptop at 8:45 p.m. December 29th. By 9:01 p.m. I had my shoe in line to check out, I reached the front of the online queue at 9:02 p.m….and they were sold out. GAH. They originally sold for $250; at this moment, a size 15 mens is now available for $370 on ebay. *shakes fist*


2. I’ve previously extolled the gift-giving skills that my (now former) work wife has. Not gonna lie, I think I’m pretty good too. I do whiff on a few – ahem, like the time I got my main boss the Season 1 CD collection of “The Osbournes” (a little too outside the box) — but I’ve also hit some homeruns, like the special recovery sandals that absorb 37% of your body weight that I just bought my MIL who has had several foot issues and a foot surgery. Anyway, both my former work wife and I have been busy, and haven’t exchanged holiday gifts yet, so we had a brief text exchange about what the other wanted. So this is why I adore her and why we continue to be solid gift givers. We both decided – and, most importantly, I think really wanted – a donation to the organization of our choice (nonprofit, charitable, political). She chose the National Immigration Law Center, and I chose Let America Vote. Just a nudge that if you really don’t need one more device that promises you abs while sitting on your couch watching TV or a kitchen gizmo to be thrown in the takeout menu drawer, then donating to people working to make this a more equitable and safe world is a viable option — and something you can always get me!


3. Time magazine came out with an article this week stating that scientific research has shown that people are totally annoyed by humblebraggers. I learned about this study because my bae Bomani Jones had a Twitter thread about it and then later discussed it on his non-sports podcast. Not only do I agree with the idea that if people are going to brag, might as well not couch it in humility or complaint, but I also don’t have a problem with people outright bragging. This topic was also brought up in another podcast about work that is female led, and so I think there is also a link between being a woman and bragging. Why is bragging so offensive? The definitions I’ve read about bragging include the word boastful, and inherent in those meanings is the idea of “excessive,” in regards to pride and self-satisfaction. What constitutes excessive? Is the fact that I say “Look at this awesome thing I did!!” excessive? “Excessive” seems like a subjective and arbitrary line and can be influenced by gender and race. Bomani also went on to say that it’s ridiculous to pretend he doesn’t have certain attributes (in his case, intelligence). If a person were to say to him (the son of professors, skipped a grade, masters in economics, etc.) that he is so smart, isn’t it ridiculous for him to be like “Awww shucks, no, no, I’m not.” An added component is the weight given to these attributes. For example, if one has reasonable self-awareness and a detached idea of one’s assets and liabilities, then one knows that intelligence is just one aspect of a person’s identity. It doesn’t mean one is better than another human being or that other people don’t have their own assets that are different from being super intelligent. I think it’s lame to pretend you aren’t who you are, and it doesn’t make you more humble. Unless your idea of humility is to not acknowledge and not be grateful for the gifts that God gave you by putting them to good use. And if you work real hard and achieve something, then f*cking tell people! Sure you might annoy some people, but I would venture to say that that says more about them and their insecurities than it says about you. And who knows? You might inspire someone; a person who does know your failings and sees you succeed in spite of them. I mean, how cool is that?

4. I mentioned my Instagram in last week’s post, and while it’s not private — meaning anyone can follow/stalk and judge — for the most part I keep it separate from my FB/real life friends, who make up only maybe 10% of my followers. Below is part of the reason why. I am highly aware of how my friends, especially in my age group, regard selfies. The reason I almost exclusively post on IG is that most of my real-life friends are not runners and would be totally annoyed by it. Conversely, I have found a huge running community on IG and met people I would never have met in real life. I run mostly by myself, but by posting on the gram, I can connect with others who have the same lifestyle (hello, 6:00 a.m. wake-ups for weekend long runs), complaints (piriformis again), and geek outs (new shoes!). We get the inundation of selfies on our feed and, rather than annoy each other, it encourages and inspires us. I have come to make deeper contacts with a handful of them, and they live in all parts of the world: Maryland, Venezuela, Texas, and England. A weird byproduct is that it has also given me a fun new skill set as a brand ambassador, and hopefully my social media account will soon give me the chance to inspire and influence in other ways. Lastly, see above, #3.



5.  It came to mind that I eat raw a lot. Like lunch and often dinner are primarily raw foods. One of the speakers at the vegan panel I went to a couple weeks ago, is primarily a raw vegan endurance athlete, and I always thought it would be too difficult for me to do, but when I realized that I was actually kind of close…Well, on my trip to the market yesterday, I went ahead and swapped out my usual after-dinner protein bar with a raw snack, and instead of buying my regular protein veggie patty, I went ahead and bought some raw foods to supplement my salad instead. I don’t want to go entirely raw (isn’t it enough that I’m a non-drinking vegan?!?), but in addition to raw lunches and snacks, I could see myself having primarily raw dinners and definitely breakfast. Below is a photo of the pre-made raw items I bought in addition to the produce I purchased. Will keep you updated.


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