five things: 11 dec to 17 dec 2017

The best marriage advice I ever got, questioning self-care, morning routines, what was in the green bag, and a bitcoin update.

1.  A dear friend got married this weekend, and impending nuptials always bring a couple things to mind. One, I wonder what they’ve chosen for a wedding cake. And two, I think about the single best piece of marriage advice I ever received. It was during the bridal shower for my first marriage when my friend found me alone in the host’s spare bedroom. Now my friend was a seasoned older lady who had been through a bitter divorce, and she took my hand, lowered her voice, and looked me straight in the eye and said “Mary, you must always keep a little stash of money hidden for yourself.” When I laughed it off, she repeated it with so much earnestness, that I took it to heart. Although not the most romantic advice, like the more traditional “always keep a date night” tip, as a woman, and as someone who started this story with the phrase “for my first marriage,” I think this is invaluable advice, and I happily pass it along.

2.  There is some trepidation for me when I refer to “self-care.” As someone who is highly aware of and must battle my extreme self-centeredness (“I love me some me” should be on my tombstone), my life lens is more focused on self-forgetting. I get a little eye-rolly hearing about the myriad of ways people aggressively and singlemindedly seek self-care. However, there is something to be said for taking care of yourself, and I  wholeheartedly subscribe to that tried and true acronym H.A.L.T.: Never get too hungry, angry, lonely, tired. A statement I heard this week on a podcast perfectly encapsulated this delicate balance of self-care and self-obsession: “Self-care is about feeling less shitty; not about making yourself feel good.”

3.This past Friday I attended a business plan workshop, and the two speakers were dynamic high performers in their field (one in several fields). I looked for commonalities in them, and one thing that struck me was their morning routines. First, these dudes are early risers (5:00 am), which shouldn’t be a surprise as there are several studies stating that early risers are more successful (see Forbes article Not only were their morning routines similar to each other, but  I was super pleased to note that mine also aligned with theirs. Here’s what I do when I wake up at 4:45 am (first alarm is 4:30).

  • Spiritual Practice. I write my gratitude list, and if I didn’t do it the night before, then I think about what I could have done better the day before. Next I read some spiritual literature and write on it. Currently I’m reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I usually close it up with about 3-7 minutes of passage meditation.
    • Goal Setting. I read my long-term goal and plan my day into sections. I’ll also read 1-2 pages of a book by a high performer.
    • Exercise!
    Starting off my day by connecting to God, reaffirming my goals, and getting the endorphins going gets me off to a great start, and has me in the best possible mindset to charge up the mountain…or let the stream carry me. Whichever way the day decides.

4.  Bitcoin update. I read my account incorrectly. Yeah, turns out that I didn’t lose money on bitcoin; I in fact doubled my bitcoin investment. Obviously, I promptly bought more bitcoin, as well as some ethereum, and litecoin. I have only invested the amount I am willing to kiss goodbye forever. This is definitely gambling. But I kinda dig it and love checking my app in the morning to see how my crypto portfolio is doing. This is now also part of my morning routine. Ha.

5.  One of my bosses gave me a green bag this week and declared it was my Christmas gift. I was super surprised because not only is it so early, but he actually attempted to buy me something instead of giving me a gift card. The package was a strange shape, and he seemed eager for me to open it. Hmmm. I was totally intrigued.


I opened it this weekend…SCORE!!! A v. thoughtful gift — wireless earbuds! Not sure if he’s addressing the runner or introvert in me, but it works either way. And they’re super sleek and fashionable. Yay. PLUS my boss told me that it was just one of his gifts. I LOVE MY JOB.



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