five things: 1 jan to 7 jan 2018

My fave Game of Thrones BTS story; I’m in a Mastermind Group!; my favorite Instagram follower; why Star Wars made me cry; and PK’s weird-scary-awesome gift to me.
1.  If you’re a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” then you know that the character Stannis Baratheon is not an inconsequential one. Like he’s a major player and has a significant storyline in seasons 2-5 (oops spoiler). So it was with much surprise and delight to hear Stephen Dillane, the actor who played Stannis, say that he had no idea WTF was going on in the story. This is amazing. To his credit, he says this with regret, and I agree that GOT has several complex storylines going, but…I mean, it’s not like the source material wasn’t readily available for him to fill in the blanks, right? There are five big as* books that he could have drawn upon to get some context and give his character more gravitas. His revelation made me want to re-watch all of Stannis’s scenes just to see if his face showed any surprise as the plot was being revealed to him in real time. Especially the scene where he decides to sacrifice his daughter by burning her at the stake in order to save his failing military campaign – “I’m going to do WHAT to Shireen?!?” Way to wing it, Stannis.
2.  I am officially in a mastermind group. For the past couple years, my friend and I have unofficially been meeting about three times a year over dinner at a macrobiotic café to go over our goals. These goals range from business to relational to spiritual and everything in between. They’re super informational and inspirational, and it’s a great way to stay accountable and brainstorm problem areas with someone who shares your same ambition AND (very important) spiritual value system (i.e., I’m not getting any advice that goes against my core beliefs). If you’re not familiar with what a mastermind group is, the concept was made famous by Napolean Hill in “Think and Grow Rich”: A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose. Members don’t have the same goals or even be in the same arena. For the first two years, my main goal was an athletic one (qualify for the Boston Marathon), while my friend’s primary goal was a business one. Now mine is to be an entrepreneur, so we are more on the same page, but are aspirations are still fairly different. This is actually a bonus. We both have mentors and coaches that are specific to our fields, but having someone outside who can give a fresh perspective is a plus. If you have big goals, I highly recommend finding someone to bounce things off of, get support, and stay accountable to.

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