Being Vegan and Assertive Activism


I attended a Q&A last week with three well-known vegan activists/athletes. I thought the focus would be on the positive health aspects of veganism and how beneficial it is to staying fit and athletic — my kind of event!


But it soon became clear that the focus of the evening was on the compassionate and ethical reasons for being vegan. I often downplay my veganism because I don’t want to be *THAT* vegan; I get it, we can be totally insufferable. I also didn’t want my meat-eating friends to feel badly, but it dawned on me that a meat-eater’s discomfort is nothing compared to the pain and suffering an animal raised for food must feel on the daily. And while I’ve tended towards the soft approach, playing up the environmental and health reasons to go vegan, one of the panelists talked about his assertive activism and stated the plain and simple truth in such a calm and pragmatic voice that resonated with me, which I’m sharing with you now: The meat and dairy industry are demonic and evil. There’s no ethical, health, or sustainable reason to participate in the torture of animals for a 5-minute meal.


It’s a new year, so what a great time to start a more compassionate lifestyle. If you need a push, there are several documentaries revealing the cruelty that’s on your plate, and if you want to dip your toe in, there’s a great 10-day dairy challenge starting tomorrow (see photo below). In fact, social media is full of support groups and inspirational people to keep you strong and encouraged in a vegan lifestyle. Btw, I’m not a perfect vegan. I was 80% vegan for many years. I also ate honey my first year as a vegan, and I just bought Timbs not realizing they weren’t vegan (I’m not giving them away). I hope you will consider a compassionate lifestyle — for the animals.




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