Side Gig

Establishing passive income and increasing your ability to earn are two tenets of a sound financial practice that I was taught early on. For most people, passive income has been in the more traditional forms of an investment portfolio (me) or rental income, but this podcast episode I listened to over the weekend advocated for the Side Gig.

Having been in the workforce for over 25 years now, I’ve watched its landscape shift tremendously from lifetime jobs with one company to the increasing number of entrepreneurs. However, the Side Gig offers a third model and one I subscribe to: Keep your day job (esp. if you’re like me and actually like your day job), but also develop some passive income through a side venture. In other words, one should have more than one way of earning money. Not only is there a financial benefit, but the process of trying on new things is also rewarding. I’ve tried several things from selling goods on Amazon to now grant writing. Anyway, it’s a timely and sensible career structure that also pairs well with financial solvency. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a hyphenate? Ha.



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