five things: 4 dec to 10 dec 2017

Best travel outfit ever, annual Tom Cruise gift, my mom is a G, and millennial purchase 1 and 2.

  1. Standing in line to board Air France, I spotted this young lady and became obsessed with her travel outfit. Comfort and steaze through the roof; she resembled a French Miley Cyrus. I immediately began to stealthily snap photos in the hopes of buying this exact same outfit — only two things are stopping me. One, I can’t figure out this brand! I asked her, and she was super gracious in telling me, but she spoke in that rapid Gallic tongue, and I could only nod and smile. Can anyone help me??? What is this brand? It’s French. However, and more importantly, the biggest obstacle to me wearing this exact same outfit on my next road trip to the Madonna Inn is that those are Gucci kicks! Gah.

Blog 12-10A

Blog 12-10B
I mean.

2.  Every year Tom Cruise sends a Christmas cake to a select group of people, and a few attorneys at our firm are on the list. Every year, word spreads fast on the floors “The Cruise Cake is here!” I have a strong connection with the assistant who works for one of these attorneys, and she came up to me personally to let me know it had arrived, so I had dibs. It is a coconut bundt cake with white chocolate chips, and before I went vegan I had the opportunity to try it…meh. Maybe it was a bad year, but a little dry. I have heard it’s improved since then. One of the surprising things is it’s from a bakery in Woodland Hills — not the west side. I think this adds to the sort of homespun charm of the gift. (I took a piece home to my family visiting from Singapore, so they could tell their friends back home they had Cruise Cake!)

Blog 12-10C

3.  Sometimes when my mom comes home late, there isn’t a parking spot in front of our house, so she has to park a few houses down. This past Wednesday she had to do just that, and the next day she found a note on her car: “Don’t park in front of our house [ADDRESS]. Signed, The Owner.” You guys, my 79-year old mom went marching up to that house and banged on their door. When they didn’t answer, she put pen to paper and wrote back “Who do you think you are to me? I live at [ADDRESS]. If you want to talk, come to me.” All I’m saying is if you see my mom and a bear fighting…pray for the bear. (P.S. She went back to talk to them three more times. Lucky for them, they didn’t answer. My mom is a G.)

4.  Millennial Purchase #1. I bought a percentage of a bitcoin. To date, I may be the only person in the history of the world to lose money on bitcoin.

5.  Millennial Purchase #2. My favorite – and most unexpected – acquisition in Paris is my millennial pink faux fur le petite scarf! The single most complimented item of clothing I own is a mid-2000s Anthropologie purchase called the Le Petite Scarf in mustard.

Blog 12-10D
Seriously, every year I get several compliments on this.

It’s not overwhelming for us small chicks, and the handy notch you slip one scarf end through means no super scarf-tying skills are required. Anyway, they only had it for one season, and I’ve never found one similar to it again. I deeply regret not having bought more in every color. Imagine my delight as I was browsing the Monoprix (think French Target) on Saint-Michel Boulevard on the last day of our trip and came upon this treasure! Le Petite Scarf 2.0. Yay!

Blog 12-10E

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