five things: 27 nov to 3 dec 2017

The debut of Five Things!* The most interesting conversation I had this week; writing; hugging; my fave feel-good story; and what I’m bringing back my bosses from Paris.

*Credit to writer Ashley Ford for the concept.

1. It must be in the genes. I get it, this type of interaction is not for everyone, but now it makes sense why I’m more comfortable with these types of conversations. The two most interesting conversations I’ve had this week were with my family, so it is obvious that this proclivity towards more abstract topics is a Lagman thing. Neither one was about traditional family matters or even how each other is doing. They were discussions on how to expand a business, colorism, and the advantages of wearing a uniform for school-aged children. The first topic was discussed with my dad of course; the second two…with my 12-year old godson! This kid was able to articulate concise arguments and provide nuanced cultural references that most of my peers are unable to do. I am so grateful for another family member I don’t have to have a warm and fuzzy conversation with! (I won the debate re: colorism of course, and I really hope it’s OK to talk smack to your nephew…but he gotta learn.) 

2. A quote about writing from the brilliant Durga Chew-Bose taken from a 2015 interview she did with The Guardian. Can I get an “Amen”?! This is one of the reasons why I started this blog; I just wanted a space where I could arrive as-is. “There’s a lot of presumption that goes into writing. There’s a lot of internal questioning: Am I an expert? Can I speak on this topic? What makes me valid enough to have a voice? I’ve had to work towards the idea that I couldn’t just arrive in a room and be a person with ideas; and that I needed to respond to other people’s curiosity about who I was before I could really enter a room.”

3. I found this a little over-the-top but totally me, and I do wonder where this puts us in this post-Weinstein world. I’ve always pretty much put it out there that I’m not a casual, reckless, cavalier hugger ‘cuz (1) I’m not; and (2) I’ve seen guys — guys who don’t necessarily see themselves as creeps — impose this *friendly-harmless-socially acceptable* greeting on women who don’t want that contact. (And worse, sometimes as it as an opportunity for a feel-up.) I’m interested to see if more deference is made to women making the initial move.

4. My fave feel-good story this week. I like that he clarified who won. Also that people came at him. Ha.














5. I usually bring my bosses back luxe chocolates from one of the high-end shops in Paris. But a lot of that stuff is available online if they really want it, and some have even opened up locations in SoCal (like really, how special is Laduree now that there’s one in The Grove???). So what I enjoy, and what I’ve chosen to get them, is the everyday foodstuffs. Items from the grocery store that the average Parisian might have or that an American wouldn’t think to buy. Et voila! Roquefort and walnut sticks (like jerky?) and French gummy bears from Carrefour, one of the largest French hypermarkets.

Five Things-4





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