2016 & 2017: Review and Resolve

What an amazing running year 2016 was! Truly transformational physically and mentally. It seems somewhat trite to condense it to a Best of/Review, but here are the sound bites.

Total Races in 2016:*

1 300m (WTF): Alemany High School (January)

1 5K: Hollywood (April)

3 Half Marathons: Surf City (February); Mountains2Beach (May); Ventura (September).

1 Marathon: Revel Canyon City (November).

PRs: I PRd every half marathon beginning with Surf City (1:55:59; 1:52:28; 1:51:18 ) and my one marathon (3:52:27).

*All race reports are under the Races tab.


Best Training Run:

A totally routine middle-of-the-week base pace run. But it was one of those days when you feel like you can run forever. I love those runs!


I also ran down the Seine and ended up at Catedral de Notre Dame in Paris.


Best Apparel Addition:

These Zensah compression arm warmers! They are perfect for those sorta-but-not-really-cold LA mornings (I’m talking 54 degrees northern peoples).


Random Running Bonus:

Speaking of those compression arm warmers…I became a brand ambassador for Zensah! So unexpected and random. It’s been a great way to connect with even more people in the running community, as well as try new products. Like said arm warmers!

Best Post-Long-Run/Race “Meal”:

Hugo’s Vegan Cinnamon Rolls with Vegan whip cream

Most Surprising Dietary Occurrence:

You know where this is going, right? I “accidentally” became Vegan! Well, I’ve been on-off 80% Vegan since 2007. Meaning, I ate mostly Vegan but would cheat with desserts and, duh, pizza. There were a few periods in there where I also had some health issues that had me experimenting with eating animals again, but in March of this year, I unexpectedly became full Vegan. It was easy, and I haven’t looked back, even surviving a trip to Paris!


Most Unexpected Training Benefit:

Um, I look different. It’s only 10-15 pounds, but everything just tightened and popped. See the Before and After September 2015 and September 2016.


Best Laugh at My Expense:

The time I ran the 300m against my friend, a world-class sprinter, and a group of 15-year old girls. I mean…Anyway, despite the ridiculousness of the situation, I still wanted to do well. I turned towards an awkward Asian girl, who did not want to be there and looked like she only took P.E. because it was a requirement but would much rather be in a science lab (I’m Asian, so I’m allowed to say this, OK?), and my competitive streak kicked in. I thought “I can take her.” The gun went off, and it was then that I experienced the longest minute of my life. So many emotions happened in those 60 seconds. First that exhilarating “Wow, I’m going so fast. I’m flying!” Followed shortly, way too shortly, by “Uh-oh. I can’t hold this. I’m going to die.” And then the rest of the minute, just pumping my arms and trying to hold on. Anyway, Awkward Asian girl caught me with about 50 meters to go (argh!). At least I didn’t puke.

Calm before the storm.


Well, enough of this backward-glancing. This is what I am looking forward to in 2017.

What an odd year it will be. My qualifying time for Boston occurred two months after the registration cut-off date for 2017, so I won’t be able to run it until April 2018. I have an entire year to…


Well, the best-laid plans. I did in fact have several goals ready for this post. And then I went on a routine 6-mile run on December 30, 2016, tripped on a wire, took a hard fall, and fractured my patella. Y’all, 2016 was a real one.


Anyway, I have been to the ER, my HMO doctor, and tomorrow I finally see an orthopedic specialist, after which I’ll have a better idea of what goals I can realistically make. The first and most important goal I have now is to stay positive, heal from this fracture, and stay healthy. When Trainer mentioned “stay healthy” as my goal for 2017 prior to my fall, I shushed him. My achievement junkie mentality felt that that sounded like a participation medal, but wow, I would for sure take that medal now.

Despite this unexpected, disappointing, and – not gonna lie – kind of scary setback, I am grateful for such a transformative and amazing 2016. While 2017 has not started out according to my plan, I do believe in a bigger plan that I just don’t know yet. And hey, I do like a challenge, so…

Wishing you all a fantastic running year in 2017!

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