Training Week Feb. 8-14, 2016: Post-Race Regrouping

Well, Surf City left me with more than just a new PR. I received a couple “gifts” from the race. Luckily, nothing terribly awful, but that charley horse was no joke and my calf was jacked up for a few days. And then, totally random, I got a corn on the bottom of my foot. What the what?! Turns out that’s more painful than the calf strain. Anyway, again, apparently not life threatening. Phew.

Rehab Kit

My last five half marathons were run in the middle of marathon cycles, so I assumed that I’d just keep it pushing, but this time I found myself not too motivated to do much of anything. Not only did I only do one measly run, I also skipped one session with Trainer. Obviously, I really couldn’t do anything more than recovery or base runs because of the calf and corn problem — sounds like something a farmer/rancher might be dealing with — but other than the 3-miler to test out the calf, I wasn’t even up for short easy jogs. I guess not having a marathon to train for fed into my lack of motivation. I mean, what’s the hurry? My next race isn’t until April, and it’s *just* another half. But not only did I find myself physically not very driven, mentally, I was just spaced out for most of the week. I found it difficult to concentrate and even found podcasts too intense for my weary brain. I think I may have been like really dialed into to this race, and it caught up with me, so I pretty much vegged out mentally too.

Anyway, I was kind of beating myself up that I wasn’t being more active in my recovery and kept trying to snap myself out of it and Get.It.Together.Dammit! On Thursday I finally saw Trainer, and I figured that would kickstart my week. We had a pretty lively session and got my feet and legs working again (see video below for a drill we did), but the hoped-for motivation to buckle down for the rest of the week died when I left the gym, and I ended up stuffing my face with Indian food and cheesecake instead of doing the light workout I had planned that evening. When I saw him the next day, knowing that I had my running shoes in the car and had planned to go for a run after our session, I kind of threw out there my ambivalence about running this week. Well, Trainer actually suggested…just giving myself a break this week. What?!?

So a giant weight lifted. I wouldn’t mind getting my tightish hammy in a little better shape because I know I’ll be going hard again real soon. (Like in an hour.) In the meantime, I’m doing all that stuff that I’d put off until that time over yonder known as “After The Race”. Good thing Valentine’s Day fell on Recovery Week. Ha.

Once my brain started functioning again, I thought of a few things I’d like to improve for this upcoming training cycle:

  1. Nailing down my post-workout nutrition. I suck at eating in that post-workout 45-min. window, and at my age, the name of the game is recovery, so I have to take any and all steps to get me ready to take on more training. I finally got used to eating pre-workout in my last cycle, and now I have to be diligent about re-fueling in a timely manner.
  2. Adding more miles. I just ran out of time for Surf City. I was only up and running for 8 weeks before the race, so I was only able to get up to 30 miles per week. I would like to get it in the 35-38 mile per week range.
  3. Refining my prehab and maintenance. There is a ton of information out there about staying injury-free – rolling, stretching, and strengthening exercises. After many years of accumulating this information and trying out various activities (yoga, pilates, weights), I am more confident about what I can lose (most of the static stretching) and what types of exercises will keep me strong (Bosu is my Best Friend), so I’m trying to be more efficient in this area.

So not much to report other than I have fully enjoyed my week of eating, sleeping, and NOT running.

I leave you with the news that brought out the super petty in me and brought me much joy: I ran the Surf City Half Marathon faster than Matt Damon. It’s true, readers – your faithful blogger is faster than The Martian. Eat my dust, Jason Bourne!

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