Pre-Surf City Half Marathon Musings

Well, this afternoon I finished my last bit of training for this Sunday’s Surf City Half Marathon by doing a five-mile run on my lunch break. Coincidentally, my route starts along Santa Monica Blvd. in Century City, which is a wee stretch of the course for the LA Marathon being run the week after on Valentine’s Day. Earlier this morning I had my last training session, and while it wasn’t taper as I know it, it was definitely a notch below what we usually do. Meaning, I didn’t find myself rethinking my life choices at any point in the workout.

Taper week followed the same format that most weeks follow with Trainer in that we had a core/upper body day, a leg day, and an outdoor workout, but I noticed that there has been a definite progression — which I don’t completely understand — but that seemed to come full circle this week. Like a few weeks ago we stopped training on weights; everything has been band work, speed and agility drills, and body weight. And for taper week leg day was more like the prehab work we did early on in our training. (Important to note that I should be doing more prehab on my own as I was sore for a couple days after our leg day because we hadn’t done that work in a while.)

Last track session — this time at Cal. State University Northridge, my alma mater.

So as I enter this half marathon weekend, I feel strong and good about my training. Below are the usual miscellaneous thoughts I have going into a race.

What I Wish I Had Done Better. For the first time in like ever, my answer won’t be strength training! In fact, it’s the opposite…I wish I had done more running. Optimally I would have had my weekly mileage up at 35-40, as well as done a 15-16 mile long run at some point in the cycle. I don’t think I actually could have done those things since I was coming back from an injury, and there just wasn’t time to build up safely to that mileage. So we will make due with 30-mile weeks and 13-mile long runs.

Question. How will I do in my first race on a midfoot strike? What I’ve read indicates that there should be a learning curve on this, but my training times tell me that that hasn’t been the case. Will this be different on race day?


C – So I’m not going to do my usual “not get injured” as my C-goal. Nope. There is no marathon I’m training for in the near future, and screw it. At this point, I don’t want to have that mentality. My C-goal is to go sub 2:00. Yeah, I said it. I’ve only gone sub-2:00 in two out of the like twenty half marathons I’ve run, and not in the last couple years, but what the hell…Why not?

B – PR. That means sub-1:57:57. I set this 3½ years ago.

A – Sub-1:55. Have I lost my fucking mind?!? Maybe. I’m going to start out in this pace group, and if I have to drop back, then I will. But I’m feeling kind of reckless.

These goals feel slightly ambitious considering I was injured just four months ago and only up and running two months ago, but it feels like I’ve been training FOREVER. In addition to the training being quite different these past four months, I feel in a different mental space for this half mary. I feel excited, happy, curious, and confident about doing well. Now, I don’t know what that “well” number looks like so that will be good information, but I think it’s going to be a good race. Yes, I am totally having some freakout stuff going on too, but I’m not giving voice or committing them to the blogosphere. Just trying to limit that energy. I guess you could say my attitude, or rather the attitude I want to maintain, is a positive one. Ha. Anyway, I bid you adieu until post-race!

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