Training Week Jan. 25-31, 2016: It’s A Wrap (Almost)

And so this was the final training week for the Surf City Half Marathon on Super Bowl Sunday. In reviewing my week, I realized yet again how different this training cycle has been. In a previous post I wrote about what the New Normal looks like for me, but I continue to find things that fall into the I-Never-Did-That-Before category.

I usually have an easy-ish Monday, meaning upper body and core, and this is especially true if I did my long run on Sunday, like this past week. Buh-bye, Easy Mondays. Not only have I now done a couple track workouts on Monday, but even this past week when I started winding things down, I still did some drills to shake out my legs. In this same vein, I truly no longer know what “recovery” and “rest” days look like any more. Recovery day used to mean no running At.All. Now it looks like recovery is an “active” recovery to keep my legs loose. And rest day used to be COMPLETE rest. But now I’m always doing something, even if it’s just stretching and rolling.

Then I noticed that yet again, I did a double run on Tuesday. I never used to do double runs because I always feared that would lead me to injury, and not without reason as the one time I did do a double run I developed a calf strain. My body just couldn’t handle it. But now, I do it at least once a week out of necessity to get those junk miles in.

RMR 2-1-A
Night Run! Two-A-Day!

Then perhaps the strangest thing of all. After X years as a runner, I finally did that thing I’ve been avoiding — the lunchtime run in the middle of a work day. Ewww. Turns out that being all sweaty in my work clothes is not nearly as gross as I thought it would be…For me anyway. Yay understanding bosses. I think I will take advantage of this while the weather is still good in LA, and it’ll be a nice timesaver.

RMR 2-1.C
Super nice weather here in LA.

After some review, my conclusion is that this training cycle has been a trip. After being injured for two months, I had all of eight weeks to train for this half marathon. The longest long run I did was 14 miles, and my highest weekly mileage topped out at 30. This is the lowest amount of mileage I’ve done when preparing for a half marathon in almost five years. At the same time, I got little rest once I could run again, and presently seem to be either running or crosstraining or stretching or rolling or bathing (ice and warm). In between, I try to hold down a job and hang out with my husband and try not to be a total recluse. Oh, and perhaps most bizarre of all: I had no training plan other than to do some long runs and incorporate some fast miles in them and try to get in some other runs in between the strength training. Who trains for a half marathon like this!?

RMR 2-1-D
Yay! Last hard training run done!

I will also say it’s been super fun training cycle. I am surprised at what this 48- year old body can do physically and mentally. Even though I’ve worked out regularly since I was in my mid-20s and have done a variety of different activities, from soccer to taekwondo to weight lifting to yoga to pilates to crossfit to ballet, I have enjoyed learning even more stuff. I felt strong pushing that sled up and down the indoor turf; lightfooted doing the ladder and cone drills; and like a runner on this midfoot strike. I also felt ridiculous racing against a 15-year old girl. Ha. And so I end this week curious as fuck to see what taper week will look like. The experiment continues…

See you all later in the week when I start thinking about goals and freaking out about the weather report.

Hope everyone is having a great running week!

Total Miles: 28 plus track work
Long Run: 12 miles — 2 miles at easy pace; 8 miles at MP pace; 2 miles at easy pace.

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