I’m Not That Kind of Runner!

Ugh. So for almost three weeks now I’ve known that I was going to be running in a track meet this Saturday. Trainer sprung it on me on Jan. 1 (Happy 2016!). I was so shocked that when he sent the flyer to me I asked him if he had meant to send it to one of his track clients…Nope, it was for me.

I haven’t run in a track meet in 40 years! Literally. The last one I participated in I was in third grade, and I won a bronze medal in the 50-yard dash. It was a fond memory and comforting to know that I had ended my track career on a high note.

I wish I could say it was difficult to find, but it was in a bag with a bunch of other race medals.

I’m a long distance runner, dammit! Let’s be real. To co-opt supermodel Linda Evangelista’s famous quote: “I don’t get out of bed for less than 13.1 miles.” I mean.

I have no idea what to expect. I’m not even sure how many events I’m supposed to do (please let it be just one), or who will be there. It’s an All-Comers meet, so I’m guessing whoever from wherever — most likely seasoned masters track people. Great. Like, where do I sign up? Can I use my iPod? Do I get a bib? Can I register under a fake name? I need answers!

Here’s my fear. I get it that I’m never going to place in my age group or anything like that. I’m a solid mid-packer, but that’s the great thing. I’m lost in a sea of people. No one but me and my Garmin, (and OK, Facebook and those who read my blog) know my actual race results. But now I have visions of me running as hard as I can on Saturday morning, all alone in the middle lane, being lapped by these veteran sprinters, and completely exposed. Argh. At least if I had like one leg or some other handicap, then people would call me “brave” and “an inspiration.” Is it too late to have someone break my leg?!?

Anyway, Trainer said it’s good practice and it’ll attack different muscles. I don’t know. My husband said maybe he’s trying to humble me. I do be needing some humbling, so… How is it that sprinting 150m has me way more freaked out than running 13.1 miles?!

So there. I honestly don’t feel any better having vomited this out into the blogosphere, but please do send good vibes over here. Or rain. It may rain on Saturday. Do they cancel these things for rain? Argh.

2 thoughts on “I’m Not That Kind of Runner!

  1. you’re going to learn so much from this! running short distances is just as important as running long distances especially if you want to get faster and go even farther. trust your coach, you wouldn’t have him if you didn’t. he knows what he’s doing. you’re going to kill it.

    1. thank you so much for this!! he hasn’t led me astray yet, so i’m hoping this isn’t the first time. i really appreciate this 🙂

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