2015-2016: Glancing Backward and Running Forward

Is it too late for 2016 running goals? Surely it’s way past the due date on a “Year in Review” post for 2015.

Too bad. The Golden Globes were just this past Sunday, the Oscar nominations were just this morning, and so in this post we honor the Best in Running for 2015, as well as look at a preview of what to expect in 2016.

Total Races in 2015:

2 Half Marathons: Surf City in February and Hollywood in April.

2 Marathons: Mountains2Beach in May and Ventura in September.

PRs: Just one – but the main one – a new marathon PR at Mountains2Beach. I finally BOT’d (Beat Oprah’s Time) with a 4:25:52. You can read the race report here.

You’d think I’d won a gold medal or something. Haha

That naturally defaults to Best Race, but there was also a Best Worst Race. You’d think it would be the Ventura Marathon where my left chest was in so much pain due to an overzealous and undertrained masseuse that I had trouble sleeping and was considering a) downgrading to the half; b) running it and possibly DNFing; and/or c) getting a steroid shot to make it through. No, turns out adrenaline made that race bearable. The (best) worst race was the Hollywood Half. What a miserable experience from almost start to finish, leaving me with the “gift” of a calf strain. Grrr. However, I still pulled out a decent time (2:00:29) and am super proud of myself for going after it even though it was one of those hard days. I usually back off when it looks like it’s going to be an off race day, but I kept it pushing. “Gritty” is how I’d describe my race that day.

Best Runs:

Catching the sunset on this particular day. It was a little scary being on this trail alone…but also fucking awesome. It was perfect weather, and I just felt peaceful and free.

sm mountains. jpg

Also the time I ran down the Malecon in Havana, Cuba.


Best Apparel Addition:

These Nike tights my MIL got me for Christmas. I HATE wearing tights and will only wear them if it’s freezing (LA freezing, so like 40 degrees). But these are awesome. I’m tempted to buy a second pair.


Best Post-Long Run “Meal”:

Sweet Lady Jane lemon and white chocolate cake. I don’t have this any more because I’m trying to cut some weight, but I think fondly about our time together. It made those ice baths much more pleasant.


Best (Only?) Heroic Moment:

That time I got those ducks back over the fence so they could be reunited with their babies. After much effort, it turns out those weren’t their babies, and those two birds could not have cared less about those ducklings. Last time I stop my run to help someone out. Sheesh.

You can fly! Get up there!

Best Laugh at My Expense:

Obviously the time I tried to pool run and gave myself motion sickness. I mean.

Well this is awkward.

Best Injury:

The Butt Problem (piriformis) post-Ventura Marathon that finally got me to strength train. I’m a bit hard-headed and/or lazy, so finally(!) when this latest and newest injury occurred — and after forty or so lame blog posts about how I “hardly did any”, “blew off,” and “couldn’t get to my” strength training — I finally said “No mas!” and am now strength training. And strength training. And strength training.



Well, enough of this backward-glancing. This is what I am looking forward to in 2016.

I hope to get in more trail runs. That stopped pretty much mid-year, and I miss being out there…I’m just not sure how to work that into my training.

But really, my goal/resolution/what-I’m-going-for is the same as always: a PR in my half marathon (sub-1:57:57) and full marathon (sub-4:25:52). Specifically, I’d like to get close to a 1:50 half marathon and in the 4:10 range for my full. Eeks. Implied in that is staying injury free.

Anyway, thanks for reading through yet another Best Of and Resolution blog post.

Wishing everyone a great, speedy, strong, joyful, and fun running year!



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