Weekly Training Summary Sept. 28-Oct. 4, 2015: Q&A and more Q

As I mentioned in last week’s training summary, there is no plan. I am currently in a holding pattern — an active holding pattern — but waiting nonetheless. I have answers to some questions and, well, more questions. Below, dear reader, the pressing questions.

Q:        What is wrong with your butt?

A:        I had already done much internet research before I got to see my ART Guy, and had concluded that my butt pain was one of two common runner problems: (A) priformis syndrome, or (B) high hamstring tendinitis. This past Wednesday, I got the good news. It’s A. (I guess if it had been B, it would have been an 8-12 month thing.) However, I’m still not sure how long recovery from A will take. For now, I’m off of running for two weeks, which means I have another eight days before I give it a shot, and then I’m not sure if it’s like I’ll hardly have missed a beat, or if it’s a Start at Square One again. So, more questions.

Q:        What will you do while you can’t run?

A:        Turns out one of the causes of piriformis syndrome is weak glutes, which can lead to pelvic instability, and undue pressure on the priformis. Basically all my cavalier comments about my lack of cross-training have, literally, come to bite me in the ass. So, what I did this past week was cross-train like a MFer. I started up with Trainer again, and we hit it three days last week. We did a lot of drills, focusing on technique and conditioning (strengthening). You know, my usual fortes. Ha. It was humbling. One of the drills involved pushing a football sled, and I grunted “Why am I pushing this? I can just run around someone.” At this point he stopped assisting me in my pushing.

I only had two weights on. And I had help. Basically I didn't look like this.
I only had two weights on. And I had help. Basically I didn’t look like this.

I also took one spin class and on my other two days (minus one rest day), I did a one hour combo of elliptical and bike plus another hour and a half of stretching-rolling-strengthening exercises. Like I think I did more cross-training in one week than I did the entire Ventura Marathon training cycle.


Q:        What do you call this stage?

A:        Honestly, I don’t know if I’m re-habbing, which is what I’m used to, or pre-habbing as Trainer calls it. His hope is that by pre-habbing now, I won’t have to re-hab later.

Q:        How many ice baths did you take?

A:        Two ice baths, four bags each, post-morning workout with Trainer. Also four evening Epsom salt baths.

Say hello to my little friend Ice Bag.
Say hello to my little friend Ice Bag.

Q:        What was your last purchase?

A:        Two ice chests. See previous answer. I’m keeping these in the backseat of my car, so I can transport said bags of ice.


Q:        When is your next race?

A:        I don’t know. I’m signed up for the Santa Clarita Half Marathon, which is about five weeks away, but after talking to Trainer, I’ve decided to not run it. (Side note: Anyone in the LA area want my bib?). I mean, first of all, who knows if I’ll even be running at that point, and I sure as f-ck don’t want to go hard on a half marathon and hurt myself again. Also, one of the workouts I did with Trainer – and before I got the No Run directive from ART Guy – involved some running drills. Nothing intense; he just wanted to see me run and work on form and technique. I will go more in-depth about this later, but spoiler alert: I’ve got bad form. This can also be a contributing factor in suffering priformis syndrome, but it’s really no surprise. Trainer is the third person who has commented on my running, ahem, “style.”

Q:        What will you blog about if you’re not running?

A:        Indeed. I have no idea! I don’t even know if I’ll be changing from a weekly summary to a “whenever I have something of note to say” type of blog. Woah, that’s really No Plannish and is causing me agita. Can a blog even continue when the blogger is not running and the name of the blog has the word “run” in it TWICE??? Am I perpetrating a fraud? So.Many.Questions. The only thing I know is that I won’t be posting recipes. During my friend’s bridal shower, one of the games/gifts we gave her was to write down a recipe for her to make for her new husband. Boy, this was a real head-scratcher. Anyway, I came up with the contribution below. I really did eat this as a child, and the disease does occur in our family. Filipinos put sugar on everything.

        Are you going crazy?

A:        A little. I’m also a combination of excited and exhausted from my cross-training, and of course bummed about being injured AGAIN. I had already planned to switch things up post-Ventura, but more out of boredom than anything else. Now it’s out of necessity, and not quite the carefree trailrunning I had envisioned. Argh.

Anyway, though I won’t be out there on the road myself, I hope my fellow runners have a great running week! Hope to join you soon.

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