You’ve Got to be Kidding Me

Oh friends, why am I surprised? I got injured! A week and a half before my marathon!

So here’s the funny twist: The cause had nothing to do with running.

Now I’ve had some weird physical ailments that have made running difficult at times. I have this incredibly random allergic reaction to fish. Like 95% of the time nothing bad happens, but then every once in a while, I’ll eat a piece of fish – regardless the price point of the source – and I’ll break out into hives. The last time this happened, I had bought salmon from “Fresh” and Easy, and my entire chest broke out in what looked like chicken pox. Not fun running in the heat and sweating with that mess.

I also, as you’ve read, had terrible allergies this past summer which, added to my asthma, made for some difficult runs and overall lethargy.

Two of my most intimate relationships: My Neti pot and inhaler.
Two of my most intimate relationships: My Neti pot and inhaler.

Now this. My tale of woe begins two weeks ago when I went to get my weekly recovery massage at one of those cheap $20 (!) places that have “Happy” in the store facade. I’ve been doing this for about a year, and my regular masseuse is quite solid in the calf and foot area, but unfortunately the other 2/3 of the massage can be at moments relaxing and scary. Thoughts of “I don’t know if pounding that area is a good idea” often cross my mind. Two weeks ago, she went deep and a touch maniacally (it felt like the previous customer had pissed her off) into my shoulder/chest area, and I remember thinking “Woah, that’s not good.” Since then, it’s been irritated but not painful, and I still got all my runs in. This past week I got another massage, and then Monday and Tuesday morning I did some upper body weight training – nothing unusual or intense – you know I’m not a cross-trainer. By Tuesday afternoon, I was having some concern and researching “bursitis” on WebMD. I decided to make an appointment with my doctor the following morning even though it was still just an irritation and didn’t prevent my Tuesday night run.

Wednesday morning the pain was increasing to a 3 at rest, and if I made certain movements, it rose to a 5. Here’s the good news: My doctor performed a few tests, and it’s nothing serious like a torn rotator cuff. But, she confirmed that those cheapo massage places can, and have, injured people. I mean, I knew it wasn’t the best idea. I know they’re not trained and kinda freestyle it, but $20…who can beat $20?!? (I learned from a couple friends that they too have been injured by an inexpensive massage, and one has sworn off them completely.) Apparently, per my doctor, my masseuse hit a hot spot which irritated it, and now the entire pectoral and underarm is inflamed, and the pain I’m feeling is the area spasming. Alas, there’s nothing to do but rest, ice, and take Advil.

The sling didn't really help, but I felt like I had to do something!
The sling didn’t really help, but I felt like I had to do something!

Unfortunately, the pain has escalated the past couple days, and not only am I having difficulty sleeping, but I had to leave work early yesterday. The pain is now at a resting 5, and it’s pretty draining, so all I want to do is lie down. I got a second opinion, and yup, nothing to do but let this calm down. May take a couple weeks. Gulp. Do the math.

So I’m trying not to freak out about this marathon that I’m supposed to be running in nine days. Ha! I mean, HA! Not gonna lie, yesterday I just lay in bed eating greasy ass chips and frosting and felt sorry for myself. Today, I’m trying to be a little more positive, eat well, drink water, and just take it a day at a time. Anyway, time to take this ice pack out from under my arm pit. Will give an update soon!

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