Ventura Marathon Training Week 3: Blowing Up the Plan

Weekly Summary 7/6/15 to 7/12/15

Remember how I waxed poetic about The Plan? Oh, I looove a plan, the plan is life, blah blah blah. This week I totally went off the plan. Like just went berserk like one of those type-B people that live life one-day-at-a-time.

This was supposed to be a high mileage week followed by a delicious recovery week. Specifically, this is what my schedule for the next two weeks looks like. (Monday is cross-training day).

schedule week

This is what I actually ran:

Monday – Cross-train
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – Run 7 miles
Thursday – Run 7 miles (AM); run 5 miles (PM)
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Run 15 miles (only 2 MP)
Sunday – Rest


So here’s the thing with plans. They’re all well and good until a curve ball is thrown.

Here were my curve balls. One, the terrible allergy issue. I was just miserable Tuesday morning and couldn’t get out of bed; hence, no run for me. I finally started a Netti pot regimen that day, which has helped about 30-50%, and I start acupuncture this weekend. I then proceeded to play catch up on Wednesday and Thursday. I’ve only done one two-a-day run before this week, and it ended in a calf strain, but I felt pretty rested and I really wanted a rest day before doing my 22-miler, so I risked it, and yay! No calf strain.

My prize for being foolish enough to run twice in one day was seeing the sunset.
My prize for being foolish enough to run twice in one day was seeing the sunset.

I was in a difficult but not unreasonable position to complete my 22-miler on Saturday before leaving for a somewhat impromptu trip to Vegas to watch NBA Summer League. We planned to leave late Saturday morning to catch the 5:30 Lakers game, and I thought I’d be able to swing it, but I just ran out of time and had to cut the run short at 15 miles. Since we were in Vegas and because I had already passed the mileage total for next week’s recovery week (I intend to swap weeks), I took Sunday off and did all my cardio at the buffet. Do laps around the buffet carrying loaded-down plates count as cross-training? Oy.

Some good news is that I did pick up the pace on my runs. I noticed that I was again slogging through my week day runs, so I put just a wee bit more effort and got back to my regular low-high 11:00 paces. No need to make it feel like a tempo run, but I can’t just go into a mindless shuffle either. And although my long run didn’t include more than two MP miles, my overall pace hit goal at a 10: 38 minute mile average.

The “plan” (HA!) this week is to run last week’s week’s high mileage week. I’ll be arriving back in LA a little past midnight tonight and plan on waking up by 5:00 tomorrow to get that 7-mile run in. Let’s see how well I stick to the plan this time.

Hope everyone has a great running week!

Total weekly mileage: 34
Long run: 15 miles (2 MP)
Cross-training: Shhhh. What happens in Vegas…

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