Accessories: Running Daily & Reading

Runners know all about accessories. I mean, who can leave the house without the basics: Garmin, iPod, key/gel/everything holder.

And while I’m not really an accessories person, meaning, I don’t switch them out by outfit or factor it into my aesthetic du jour, I never leave the house without my ring, watch, and necklace. The ring is obvious; it’s my platinum diamond etoile wedding band from Tiffany’s (NY location). The watch is a Tag Heur that I bought in Hong Kong in December 1996, the month before the wee territory went back to China. The necklace, well, that’s my other lover. Eight-one-eight is the area code for the San Fernando Valley, and even though I was born in the Philippines, I was raised and have lived in the Valley most of my life. I love the Valley. West side people talk shit about the Valley, but I’ll just say this: We have parking, mutha fuckas. 818 Represent!


If you’ve read this blog before, you know I’m a bit of a book nerd, and so of course a proper bibliophile must have the suitable accoutrements. Voila! My most recent purchases and favorite book gift.

For Husband and I, second only next to the battle for the thermostat is the fight for device shutdown time. Meaning, what time do laptops, TV, and lights go off. I bought both of us reading lights, so whoever can’t sleep, or whoever wakes up in the middle of the night, can read without disturbing the other.

Great book with this advice runners will like:
Great book with this advice runners will like: “Eat more pasta!”

And what happens when one of my pet topics — the Six Wives of Henry VIII – and one of my favorite things – cats – collide? A bookmark set of Catherine of Aragon, et al. as cats! Yes! Jumpy claps.

Shout out to the winner in this game -- Anne of Cleves!
Shout out to the winner in this game — Anne of Cleves!

One of my top five gifts ever, not just a book gift, is this embosser that says “From the Hammond Library.” I mean, come ON. Thank you, work wife.


While by definition an accessory is an addition or supplement to the basic, it’d be tough to run without my iPod, and I certainly won’t leave the house without my wedding ring. And let’s be honest, now that I know better I certainly can’t have a book on my shelf that isn’t embossed with my name. I mean, I’m not a barbarian, OK? So let’s re-name these “essentials” rather than accessories. They are fun and add a little joy into my favorite things, and joy and fun are essential after all.

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