Blogging Secrets

Sorry to disappoint you if you were hoping to find the secret to gaining more followers, or the magical tip that can help you make money off of your blog so you can quit your job, or even the little-known but very best free WordPress theme to use. Nope. My blogging secret is…that my blog is a secret.

Is that weird?

Like I’ve only told six real-life friends about it (and my husband). Some of my friends are bloggers and post links to their blog posts on Facebook, but so far I haven’t done one status update indicating that I have one, and I’ve had my blog for about six months now. I thought I’d “come out” after my first half marathon – Surf City – in February. Then I thought for sure I’d put a link up, especially since I PR’d, to my Mountains2Beach Marathon recap. Nope, still playing it close to the vest. I now have an opportunity to make a wee bit of money from my blog that is dependent on clicks, which is seemingly the perfect time to let my friends, some of whom I’m sure would want to support me, know about my little running blog, right? But as I write this, I’m still hesitant to let anyone know.

I’ve clearly and deliberately carved up my social media. Facebook is strictly for friends and family, people I know in real life. Twitter and Instagram are for people who share the same interests as me, either in politics and sports (Twitter) or running (Instagram). Thus, my Twitter and Instagram followers are 95% people I’ve never met in person. Turns out most of the people that I have connections with in real life, whether it be via family, or school, or general social circles, or – gasp – work, do not share the same interests as I do.

Part of me likes the anonymity and freedom. Freedom to write whatever the hell I want to. I don’t want to start *pausing* and checking myself before I post something. There is already a built-in censor, which I think is practical and healthy, but I fear that my Voice would be scaled back. I already tone it way-the-hell-down on Facebook and real life, so I’m not sure I’m interested in that. I just want be able to have my running-freak-flag fly high without second guessing it, y’all. For now, anyway.

So that’s my secret. If you’re reading this and/or follow me, you basically know me better than 90% of my family and friends. Congrats?

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