Ventura Marathon Training Week Zero: False Start

Weekly Summary: 6/15/15-6/21/15

Fresh off the high of a marathon PR; well-rested from a wonderful vacation; optimistic after a return to running that revealed no injuries. This was my mental state last Monday that I thought would set the tone for a triumphant return to training in which I would hit all my cross-training workouts and eat super clean…yeah, not so much.

I prematurely labeled last week as “Week 1” of training for the Ventura Marathon on September 13th. Yes, prematurely. First, I didn’t have an official schedule, and second, well, I don’t want to start on such a low note for what I hope is the training cycle for yet another marathon PR.

Here’s how lame this training week was for me:

Cross What? You’d think I was someone who’d never had an IT band injury the way I toyed with my fate. I did seven leg strengthening exercises the entire week. Seven! I usually do that many on a rushed morning. Grrr. Didn’t make my Pilates class either. I did at least do my foam rolling and stretching, and I’m super grateful I came out of this week with no new aches or strains.

Sweet Lady Death of My Diet. So one of my favorite bakeries, Sweet Lady Jane, opened a location near my house. Before this, SLJ was a special occasion place because it was a bit of a pain to get to and parking was a hassle (West Hollywood). Now, well now, it’s just too easy to pick up one, two, five slabs of cake. Post-vacation it generally takes a week for me to get back on track with my diet, so I was eating all the Los Angeles foods that I missed while on holiday: Mexican food and cake. Anyway, suffice to say, I’m a little up in poundage from the day I toed the line at Mountains2Beach a month ago. (Note that I didn’t so much miss juices and salads.)

Sleepy Sleepy. I forgot how tired I get running so much. I ran 37 miles this past week, and the summer heat is now here after a pleasant overcast week the week before. I had a hard time waking up, and well, I also have to stop lying to myself. I play this game when I turn off my alarm where I tell myself “I’ll go to the gym tonight after work.” I’ve managed to actually go to the gym after work like six times in my life, but because I have done it six times in the past, well, there’s always hope that I can do it again, right? No. Looks like if I don’t get up and get it done early, it ain’t happening later on.

Long run in the Valley summer heat.
Long run in the Valley summer heat.
At least I did manage to get all my runs in, and again, all without injury. My long run was a 15-miler, and I got five marathon pace miles in there. My goal MP for M2B was 9:55, and even though I didn’t hit it in the actual race, I may drop that pace for Ventura. My MP miles were pretty effortless and a bit faster than 9:55 this week: 9:25, 9:22, 9:25, 9:35, and 9:11.

This weekend I received my schedule from FMC, and THIS week really is my first week of training for the Ventura Marathon. As always, I hit my Monday rest day with much success. This week is off to a great start! I am hopeful that I can keep the momentum going. It can’t be lamer than last week, can it?

Hope everyone has a great running week.

Total weekly mileage: 37
Long run: 15 miles (5 MP)
Cross-training: Please stop shaming me.

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