I PR’d My Marathon — Now What?

It’s been a minute since my last post, and there is no rest for the weary. Post-marathon has been a busy time of doing so much and very little. Now, two weeks after the Mountains2Beach Marathon, I still have no long-term running plan, only bite-sized measuring posts.

A day after M2B, I gave it a go for a walk/jog. My quads were pissed! After warming up with a lurch/walk, I attempted a jog. Less than a quarter mile into my shuffle, I felt an ache on the sides of my knees and stopped immediately. Two post-marathon IT band injuries have humbled me into cautiousness. I hoped that I could run, but was not surprised that my achy old bod refused. Thus, the first marker clearly indicated that I should take a twelve-day running break.

The reason behind the otherwise random number twelve is because three days after M2B, I boarded a plane to Cancun, and one day later flew to Cuba. I knew I had to do one run in Havana, and so on our last morning in Cuba, after almost a two week break, I ran three miles along The Malecon. A full Cuba post is pending, but I will just say this: Amazing. Anyway, no pain at all, just a spectacular view. Checkpoint two cleared.


I spent my time in Cuba walking walking walking, so I maintained some level of fitness. I also did light leg strengthening exercises and stretching, along with some core and light upper body work. My body is definitely rested from the marathon, but hopefully not in too bad shape as I ease into this next training cycle.

So the final test will be this week’s re-entry into running. I’m planning a 6-4-6-12-4 week, all low intensity. If my knees pass that, then my FMC will set a plan of action for me for the Ventura Marathon in September. I’m tentatively hopeful about this week. My knees didn’t feel injured during the marathon, and I have been consistent with rolling and done some leg work the last two weeks. Let’s hope this final hurdle is cleared, and I can start looking ahead to another training cycle. I.Am.Ready!

Hope everyone has a great running week!

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