Cordskinz Review

Quite by surprise, I was contacted by Cordskinz to see if I’d like to try out and review their product. Being new to this blogging thing, I wasn’t sure what to do with that. Like would I be obligated to give it a good review? I also wondered if it would change the tone of my blog if I started reviewing stuff I got for free (I have seen that some bloggers give that a negative connotation.) After talking with someone who had some experience in this area, my concerns were assuaged, and I offer you, with a clear conscience, my very first product review!

Here’s the Cliff Notes version: I love them!

So even after checking on the website to see what exactly I would be reviewing, I was still a little confused about how these skinny rubber tubes could affect my running in a positive way, but I was up for it. I received four colorful tubes and a couple discs in the mail.


These are super easy to attach to your headphones. Trust me. I’m someone who hires a person to assemble Ikea furniture, so if I can do it, anyone can.

So here are the two ways that Cordskinz has improved my running experience.

  1. As advertised, your earphone cords do not tangle up. Bam. Even when I just threw them in my purse, they stayed untangled. This is major, as it’s a big pain in the butt untangling my earphones or trying to figure out a way to wrap them so that they won’t get tangled. Now it’s not even an issue. No matter what I do, I can’t tangle my cords up.


  1. Here’s the surprising one. I really like the “weight” of them. I used to tuck my headphone cord in my shirt and they would catch and get dragged down and eventually start pulling on my ear, so that at about every mile, I’d have to yank them up from my neckline. This was annoying, so I then put the cord outside of my shirt. This solved the ear dragging problem, but then I experienced a lot of cord floppage, which can be distracting, but more importantly, it would catch my hands once in a while. So, what I really love about the Cordskinz is it adds a little gravity to the headphone cord. You don’t feel the weight – you only see and feel the result of a calm cord. Look at how nice and flat they lie.


Cordskinz falls into that category of Never-Knew-I-Needed-It-But-How-Did-I-Live-Without-It products. Like the Ziploc sandwich bag. No one thought it was a big deal to use a twist tie to seal their food…until Ziploc said “Stop it with that tie stuff.” There was once a time when I wondered, “Who needs a machine that uses ‘pods’ to make individual servings of coffee?” I do! And now there is Cordskinz. I figured I’d just have to deal with the hassle of tangled headphone cords or the annoyance of occasionally catching my arm on a floppy cord. I didn’t know that there was something better than what I had. I didn’t know that my headphones were operating at less than optimum efficiency. But now I do. The price can’t be beat, and I’ll definitely use them from now on.

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