Running New Orleans

Husband and I took a three-day middle of the week trip to New Orleans this week. Usually I do little to no running when we travel. Vacations are one of the ways my husband and I (re)connect from our busy work weeks and separate interests, so I like to go along with his plan (very different from the other 48 weeks of the year) and think of this as time to just be with him. Unfortunately, since he likes to plan ambitious itineraries, which have us pretty much go-go-going from breakfast straight through to bedtime and walking most of the way, this can make running tricky. First, to get my run in, I’d most likely have to wake up super early on my vacation — no thanks — which is made even harder because there’s usually some jet lag and/or time difference involved. I’ve also found that I need to save up my energy for all the walking we’ll do during the day. But, since I only had an easy 4-mile run on my schedule, I made the effort.

I am so glad I did! Running is a great way to see a city, and New Orleans is such a diverse and interesting place. My usual running route in LA is your basic suburban running path or the trails, and this was decidedly different. For one thing, the pavements in NOLA are a hot mess. I had to be mindful most of the time, so I don’t know how a drunk person could navigate these streets and not hurt themselves pretty badly. Anyway, we stayed a little bit outside of the French Quarter in The Marigny, and I ended up running in the Bywater neighborhood. The Bywater displays all the vibrant color and devastation of the area. Industrial warehouses abut residential neighborhoods, and abandoned houses border well-tended homes still festooned with Mardi Gras decorations. Something to see at every corner.

I’ll do a full write-up on my trip in a later post, but for now, here are some scenes from my running route through the Bywater. Enjoy!

01     Note the sign!




06              08

07     Told you the sidewalks were dangerous.

09     So colorful!

10     Mardi Gras lives 1.

11     Mardi Gras lives 2.

12     Mardi Gras lives 3.

13         14



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