FWIW Friday: Some Running Links I Liked

1.  Three Ways to Improve Your Marathon Finish Time.

Found this article particularly pertinent because I too am looking to go sub-4:00 in a year or so, which would be about 30 minutes off my current PR. Like the person asking the question, I had been doing three intense workouts a week (speed intervals-tempo-fast long run) before I could build a base and it wasn’t proving effective. Best thing I did was slow down in my runs, build that base, and then add in some hard effort training. Also a good reminder that making small changes each training season will, little-by-slowly, help me reach that goal. Patience.

2.  Study: Wearing Compression Socks Post-Marathon Improves Recovery.

Just this training season I’ve started wearing compression socks after long runs and other strenuous training runs. I had thought that since I didn’t need to wear compression socks during races anymore, that they would go to waste, but I read somewhere that they improved recovery, so I’ve been donning them post-run. This just reinforces my decision — good news.

3.  Running Jewelry to Treat Yourself.

I would totally get #5, but instead of “26.2” on the gold charm, I hope to put a “BQ.”

4.  Romance Found on the Run.

In honor of Valentine’s Day. Alas, I married a non-runner. But, I was honored to attend the wedding of a couple whose romance I witnessed bloom with each run. That first weird run — good thing it was a group run. Then a track practice. Then seeing them hold hands after a race. So.Sweet. So even though my romance is not one of shared blisters and sweat, it’s been fun to see others find their loves on the running path.

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