Race Week: Surf City Half Marathon


It’s been eight months since I had a pre-race week, so I was a bit jolted from my routine when I realized yesterday morning that “Oh, yeah, I’m running a race on Sunday.” There are certain things that happen the week of a race that are decidedly different, and I’d totally forgotten.

First, I actually had a tempo run this morning. After months of logging slow, just-get-the-miles-in runs, today it was “OK, go fast for four miles.” Uh, what? I had a warm-up and cool-down mile, but the middle miles were done at two minutes faster than my regular pace. I’m so out of touch with this faster pace that rather than continuously checking my Garmin, I decided to go for “comfortably uncomfortable.” I hit my goal pace pretty easily.

Second, I forgot that I take this Juven supplement during race week. My FMC recommended it to me a few races back, and I’ve been using it ever since, but just during race weeks. As you can see it rebuilds tissue, so since this is a taper week, I feel it’s like building up whatever I’ve torn down in the hard weeks of training leading up to this race.


Third, I had to wade through the pre-race instructions. On Thursday I’ll start plotting out my timetable for the weekend, directions, parking locations, etc. It needs to be planned and organized. No winging it.

Good news. I was so freaked out about hitting my tempo pace this morning that I was about 2.3 miles into my run when I realized I hadn’t thought about my right calf once! Wow, this was a really cool realization. At the end of the run it felt more fatigued than my left calf, but otherwise, it felt as close to 100% as it can be without being actually 100%. Yay!

Oh, and this came in the mail.


I forgot that I personalized it with the name “Fatty.” Haha. I’m hoping that I’ll be barreling down the streets of Huntington Beach to the cries of “Go Fatty!” So awesome.

So the ritual has begun. Eeks. Butterflies!

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