Marathon Training Week 3: Brrrrr and Zzzzz

Weekly Summary 12/29-1/4/15

As noted by the sub-title, it was cold here in Los Angeles. You think I’m lying, but check out this morning’s temperature – 37 degrees! (Please do not look at next week’s forecast or you will hate me.)


Sure, I expect to be cold for the pre-dawn 6:00 a.m. runs, meaning I’ll probably have to run with gloves for the first few miles and start out with a jacket, but once the sun comes out, it’s very rare for it to be cold enough to warrant that attire. We had about four days of this nonsense! The first day I tried to get by with just a warm upper, but this morning I finally broke out the Lulu tights. Good thing as there was frost up on the trail.


Another item of note was the fatigue. I had forgotten how tired I get during marathon training. This week I found myself falling asleep at 9:15. Not getting sleepy; full-on sacked out. Plus I had one of those intense two-hour naps this weekend. Dayum. For a few days, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was I depressed? I usually tend towards manic activity when I’m emotionally off, but I was open to the possibility that maybe I was depressed and just unfamiliar with the feeling. But then it clicked: Oh, yeah, I’m marathon training. Phew. I’m just knackered.

As for the down and dirty stats, I continued to increase my mileage in base training and am feeling strong. So far, no sign of that nagging IT band issue. I also managed to clean up my diet this week and limit my sugar (yay!)…but didn’t do so well with my cross-training (boo).

Lastly, true to one of my goals for 2015, I ran with someone! He’s a beginner runner, so I took him on my three-mile recovery run. So here’s an unexpected bonus of running with someone: my own personal photographer!


Later that day, another person asked to join us next week, and then I made tentative plans to run with another old running buddy. While I’m happy that I’m following through on my resolution and not being such an isolater, not gonna lie, I also felt some panic too. “What about my ME time?! Well, we’re not all the same pace, how is this going to work?” I’m sure it’ll get sorted. If worse comes to worse, I’ll lie and say I broke my leg and run in secret.

Feeling good, feeling strong, week three in the books.

Total weekly mileage: 34
Long run: 12 miles
Cross-training: Abs (2x); Upper Body (1/2x (only did Ch-Bk)); Leg Strengthening (2x)
Push-Ups: 160

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