What Runners Get For Christmas

Figuring out what to buy family and friends for Christmas can be stressful (well, only if you care). But if you are lucky enough to have a runner in your life, then that’s one name you can cross off immediately. Just head over to any local running store and you will see all manner of gizmos that only runners will geek out on and want. “Non-chafing sticks! Thanks, mom!” “Cool, now I can keep a foam roller at my office.” Seriously, you can buy in a wide price range, from a $10 Secret Santa gift to a my-spouse-with-this-crazy-hobby-I-don’t-understand-but-want-to-support present.

Here’s easily the weirdest running gift I’ve ever received: a thermal training suit. Note, it’s to “lose inches and weight.”


Who would give me such a “gift”? Well, I’m Filipino, and I have a real-life Tiger Mom. Here’s a favorite anecdote. After I got home from running a marathon, and clearly looking a hot mess, I went to my mom’s place (she lives in our guesthouse) and told her about my accomplishment. She took one look at me and deadpanned “Did you come in last?” Anyway, I guess this thermal suit was her very special way of letting me know that she supported my hobby and any weight loss goals I may have. I love that little lady.

In contrast, my MIL is American and thinks I walk on water. She actually battled traffic and road closures to meet me at the finish of the aforementioned marathon. She got me these yurbuds one year, and they are fantastic. I have funny shaped eardrums, and regular earphones slip out, so these are perfect and stay in my ears snug and comfortable.


And here’s the awesome haul I got this year from my MIL.


I definitely need the neon shirt. I usually wear black, but I’ve been doing more night running, and I just feel safer being seen. As for the other items, well, I always need things that will help my old body stay loose. See, I didn’t even know I needed this stuff, but now that I have them, I don’t know how I survived without them. I’m telling you, runners are easy to please.

And if all else fails: socks. Runners can never have enough socks.

Anyway, I had a really nice Christmas sleeping in, being with family, eating good food, and going for a sunset run. It’s been perfect. Hope yours was too.

One thought on “What Runners Get For Christmas

  1. Christmas and my birthday are the best times for getting running gear. You never know what you will get but if it is related to running you know it will be good.

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