Marathon Training Week 2: Tentatively Hopeful

Weekly Summary 12/23-12/28/14

My second week of marathon training went much better than week one. I will spend about 13 weeks in the base-building phase, so while I’m not much worried about my pace right now, I was pleased to see that I’m training at paces on point to run my current goal of a 4:20ish marathon in May.

I needed this week confidence-wise. I suffered my second IT band injury in June, and I have felt slow and logy as I’ve built up my mileage. The process has been halting at best, as at times I’d feel that scary pain on the side of my knee if I pushed too hard, and I’d have to scale it back when I found myself getting too aggressive. My weekly mileage has hovered in the 20-28 mile range for the past two months, but this week I finally broke 30 miles for the week, and my knees felt good each and every mile.

I am especially pleased with how physically easy my long run was. The hardest part was mentally preparing to run more than 10 miles, which has been my longest run since being injured, and a number I don’t even think of as a long run because I’ll do that mid-week when I’m at the height of my training cycle. Twelve miles was a breeze…except for the dead rat I had to run by twice (ewwww).

Another positive was the return of cross-training into my routine. I got in at least one day’s worth each of abs, upper body, and legs.

So with all these little triumphs, what could I possibly be bummed out about? Well, plenty! There’s always lots to improve on. But if I have to pick just one that I’d like to focus on next week, I’d like to clean up my diet to a respectable amount of sugar consumption. I know, I know, it’s the holidays, but hauling around this extra weight is not fun. Currently, there are two big boxes of chocolate left in our house, and I’m hoping I don’t succumb to the seductive whispers of “it’s only three more days until the new year” running through my brain.

Let’s do this, week three!

Total weekly mileage: 32
Long run: 12 miles
Cross-training: Abs (3x); Upper Body (1x); Leg Strengthening (2x)
Push-Ups: 100! Boys push-ups, mind you!

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