Marathon Training Week 1: Here We Go Again

Weekly Summary 12/15-12/22/14

It was a disappointing first week of marathon training. I love that clean slate feeling of the “first” anything. First day at school with my new notebooks and pens, first page of a new book, and, of course, the first healthy meal of a diet. So it is with with the first week of a new training plan. I thought I’d kill it…yeah, not so much.

So the negatives. It took six days instead of five to run my 30-mile total. More importantly, I only did a negligible amount of cross-training. (But I did think about it?)

The positive is that I did get my weekly mileage total in, specifically my long run. Also, I’m still not injured. Yay.

I have a good excuse as I am just getting over bronchitis and only took the last of my antibiotic prescription last Thursday. I really hope that’s the only reason because as of now, I’m still not feeling it. Maybe after the holidays.

I do know that while I’m usually good for getting my mileage in, I also have to be vigilant about cross-training. My last two injuries have been to the IT band, so I cannot afford to go too long without bridging, clamming, and squatting.

Having said that, just like the race is a marathon, so is the training. One meh week won’t ruin the cycle, and the important part is to just show up and keep plugging away.

Here’s to the first day of my second week!

Total weekly mileage: 30
Long run: 10 miles
Cross-training: Hahahahaha

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